Many children in Lithuania start smoking, alcohol and even drugs early simply because they do not receive enough attention and support. In Lithuania, alcohol is even regularly consumed 34% in adolescents, fog about 30%. Suicide rate of children and young people, aged 15–19 teenagers, there are in Lithuania the largest among EU countries and almost 4 times exceeds the EU average. According to the general level of empathy, Lithuania was in the last place among 67 countries.

Kids don't need things - kids need positive attention !!!

Prevention is possible! - According to researchers, the situation can be drastically improved by encouraging parents to spend quality time with their children (playing together, managing together, taking an interest in the child's affairs) and increasing children's participation in organized sports. Currently, only about 20% children attend sports in Lithuania. For comparison, up to 90% children, 6-12 years old, play sports in Iceland and Scandinavia!

We bring kids to friendly football workouts. We invite children from single-parent, large, socially vulnerable families and foster homes to attend football training for free with other children. They are taught by specially trained, friendly coaches, children are taught to apologize, work and play in a team.

This has already been tested in Iceland

Iceland has implemented a national program for the mass employment of children in sport. At 14 m. since 1998, alcohol consumption in Iceland, 15-16 years. among adolescents, dropped from 42 to 5 percent, those who tried drugs from 17 to 7 percent, and smokers from 23 to 3 percent.

Support Fund "Help Street Children":

  • Creates conditions for sports in a friendly environment for less affluent children from single-parent families and foster homes
  • Reduces social exclusion, prevents alcohol and drug use among children and youth through sport
  • It makes sure that children have a place to play sports, so it seeks to build new sports infrastructure and renovate old ones
  • Creates a Scandinavian model community sports program for Lithuania! Purpose of the program - that children spend more active and quality time with their parents and play organized sports with friends. This strengthens their relationship, strengthens social ties in the community, prevents children from smoking early, reduces alcohol consumption, reduces crime and makes the state a safer place to live.